Classwork – Wednesday, July 8th

Hi, kids! Today we’ll begin our class in Meet. We’ll work on Phonics.

We’ll work with the book “Sid-Cam” of the Bug Club. We’ll work on sound ar, or, ur and tricky words.

Now, go on working on your own on our comprehension project “My City, a Great Place to Live!

What can you find in your city? Write six places using There is and There are.

Hecho con Padlet

Next, watch this video.

Now, each of you will make a place in the city. You may use boxes, paper, paint, markers, and whatever you want. So together, we’ll build our city!! When you finish your building or place take a photo of it and send me a photo through Handing.

Sofi A: school

Valen B: park

Silver: bank

Marcos: Library

Sofi B: Stationery Store

Cata: Bookstore

Tilde: Post Office

Agus: Police Station

Feli: Movie Theater

Alfon: Gas station

Emi: Toy store

Dante: supermarket

Ali: restaurant

Santos: bakery

Guadi: butcher’s shop

Tawo: train station

Salvi: factory

Tota, Mili and Gon: street

Beni: playground

Coca: square

Santi, Pedro and Nico: Apartment building

Mati P: Grocery Store

Tommy: church

Owen: computer store

Sere: Candy store

Awesome!!!! See you next week!



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