Classwork, Tuesday, June 9th

Hello! Today we’ll do some Writing using collaborative work. We’ll write a leaflet about PROTECTING CORAL REEFS. I’ll provide some information and together with the info you know about coral reefs, we’ll write a leaflet about HOW TO PROTECT CORAL REEFS together. Let’s begin!

Next, we’ll make our leaflet on PROTECTING CORAL REEFS!

Coral Reefs Leaflet Group 4 (Fini) de Josefina Solanet
Coral Reefs Leaflet Group 1 (Valen) de Josefina Solanet
Coral Reefs Leaflet Group 2 (Maru) de Josefina Solanet
Coral Reefs Leaflet Group 3 (Majo) de Josefina Solanet

After all this collaborative work, you’ll continue working some more on Present Simple. Watch the tutorials to revise a little.

Then, complete this activity. When you finish it, send me a photo through Handing, please.

Present Simple Tense, una ficha interactiva de desssii

That was amazing! See you tomorrow!



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