Classwork, Wednesday 22nd

Hi! Today we’ll begin our class at our MEET session. We’ll work on writing!

It’s time to work on your own. First, answer the questions about your vacation on a sheet of paper. Remember to use the PAST SIMPLE!

  1. What place did you visit?
  2. Who did you go with?
  3. How did you go there?
  4. What did you see/do?
  5. How did you feel?
  6. Why was it a good vacation?

Here is the list of irregular verbs that you may check when writing your story.

Then, don’t forget to follow the WRITING RUBRIC when writing your story. Write the story in a WORD DOCUMENT on the computer. Remember, all sentences must be one next to the other!!

After writing the story, read it again and check if you respected all the items of the rubric.

Next, send me the word document through Handing.

Finally, watch Alfon’s Special Day presentation!! Click on the link, watch the presentation and comment on his post.

Wow, what an incredible work you did today!!!


See you tomorrow.



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  1. Benita says:

    I love your show and tell because you speak loud and talk very well un English.

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