Classwork – Thursday, March 19th

Hi! We are completing the last day of the week.

Today we are going to have fun drawing! Do you like drawing?

Listen to and read DRAW WITH PENNY aloud in the Bug Club. Click on the Bugs and play!

When you finish reading the book, choose ONE drawing (bird, car, face) and make your own drawing on a sheet of paper following the instructions.

Finally, follow these steps:
1- Write down your name on the drawing and take a photo of it.
2- Instead of picking a sticky note from the block on the Linoit canvas, take an image and upload the photo of your drawing.
3- Take a sticky note and write a sentence about your drawing. Don’t forget to write down your name!

Have fun and enjoy your weekend!
Lots of love,

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5 Responses to Classwork – Thursday, March 19th

  1. feli says:

    hello fini I finished my class work. I going to miss you

  2. finisolanet says:

    I love your drawings!!! You are wonderful artists!!!

  3. tota says:

    I liked the exhibit.

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