Classwork – March 9-12

We watched the BBC video again and completed some comprehension activities.
Next, we did some vocabulary activities.
We finally completed tweet of the day writing a sentence about a dinosaur.
We had a yoga lesson.
Now I Know. Page 23. We used the the time and place of a story to help us understand the text.
Page 24-25. Dinosaur World. We listened to the story. Then, we read it in groups again and completed a comprehension activity.
After that, we wrote sticky notes answering these questions: What can you learn at museums? Why are they important? and made some posters.
We finally watched a tutorial on Past Simple regular verbs to introduce the topic (class blog).
Now I Know. Pages 26 and 27.
We watched Parts 1 and 2 of the story video. Then, we did some activities using words that describe actions. Next, we read Dinosaur World again and circled the blue words that appeared in the grammar box.
After that, we did activity 4 at page 27 of the book.
In groups we chose a word or phrase from each wordpool and did the action. Our friends guessed.
We did some listening comprehension activities (6 and 7 at page 27).
Finally, we thought of sentences using a word that describes an action. We wrote those sentences on an exit ticket.

Past Simple regular verbs. We watched the tutorials on the blog and then did some group work on the board. Next, we did some written work.
After that, we revised playing the Past Simple – Regular Verbs on the right in the blog.

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